bread improver محسن للخبز

$ 2.000

Weight= 150 grams

الوزن= 150 غرام

Bread improver is a blend of ingredients that activate the gluten and help produce gas which assists and improves the processes of dough kneading and fermentation. … They are used more often in grain mixes or breads with addition of fruit, seeds or nuts to a loaf to give strength and volume.

محسن يضاف للطحين يساعد العجين على التماسك وزيادة الحجم

• Beirut: 40,000 LL
• Baabda: 50,000 LL
• Lower Maten (Zalka, Antelias…): 50,000 LL
• Higher Maten (Bikfaya, Baabdat…): 75,000 LL
• Lower Keserwan (Jounieh, Adma…): 60,000 LL
• Higher Keserwan (Harissa, Ghosta…): 75,000 LL
• North & Jbeil: 75,000 LL
• South: 75,000 LL
• Bekaa: 75,000 LL
Aley: 60,000 LL
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